Welcome to the Collaborative Innovation Reference Framework Homepage


Welcome to our Wiki, where we hope to continue to develop a collaborative innovation reference model with you, the innovation practitioners, customers and consultants.


If you haven't already done so, please read the introduction, which describes our goals to "demystify" innovation and create a collaborative innovation reference model.


Review the models


There are three iterative models we have developed.  We seek your insights and input on all three.


  1. Innovation Business Architecture - the "layers" - this presentation "peels" the onion of a business to expose the critical layers involved in innovation and establishes a reference framework
  2. Innovation Reference Framework - the "five focus areas" - this presentation develops the concept of a reference framework composed of five "areas" in a business:  Strategy, Insights, Go to Market, Scalable Infrastructure and Innovation Processes
  3. Examination of Innovation Types - in this presentation we consider nine "types" of innovation - Open Innovation, Business Model innovation, etc in the context of the five focus areas  


Here's some nice research completed by Cridon in Germany examining different innovation reference models and frameworks.  


Provide Feedback


This site was developed not only to present these models, but to initiate a discussion about innovation models.  We seek your ideas and insights about these models.  Please email your comments or ideas about the models,
or submit a request to join us on this wiki as a writer or editor of the content and the model.  Help us "demystify" the work of innovation by creating a more collaborative innovation model.