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Examination of Innovation Types

Page history last edited by Jeffrey Phillips 11 years, 9 months ago

The third model or framework within our collaborative innovation reference framework is an Examination of Innovation Types.


In the first model we presented, we examined the strategic "layers" within an organization.  In the second model we developed an
innovation reference framework based on five key capabilities within an organization.


In this presentation we consider nine innovation "types" or approaches in the context of the reference model presented in the second PowerPoint.


The nine innovation "types" or approaches are:

  • Business Model innovation
  • Needs-Based innovation
  • Management innovation
  • Service/Experience innovation
  • Open innovation
  • Technology innovation
  • R&D-led innovation
  • Operational innovation


Examining these "types" in that framework allows an innovator to understand the breadth and depth of the effort and the key people, processes and capabilities involved.



Click here to view the Examination of Innovation Types in a PowerPoint format.


Email us your comments, suggestions or edits to the Examination of Innovation Types or send us a request to participate on the site.

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